Negative shitware


Cumstom titsle
# Legendware 2023 #
- Dead staff
- Semi working servers
- Lifetime subscription expired
- Broken lua api
- Missed shot due to uid
- Missed shot due to idk i just dont want shot lol kys
- No resolver
- No antiaim
- No optimilization
- No support
- Broken hwid system
- Broken loader
- No updates / the last just spoiled the hack.
- @Shalkov iq issue
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Курить люблю пиздец
No resolver
cfg issue
No antiaim
user issue & cfg issue
No optimilization
user issue & pc issue
No support
user issue
Broken hwid system
user issue
Broken loader
user issue(just off all checkbox in win def lol)
No updates / the last just spoiled the hack.
user issue & cfg issue

my verdict - user issue