Legendware — unique products that allow you to visually change the look of the game and many other things...
What can we say about us?
The functionality of our product can help personalize the game according to your preferences
Our design will please your eye. We are using a unique and minimalistic design for our products.
Our visuals will give you positive emotions. We can boast not only of their beauty, but also of their range. You also can customize them as you like.
We can boast of multiple miscellaneous functions our product provides. Our software utilizes a considerable amount of settings such as an automatic strafe, automatic jump, automatic buy, adblock and more.
Scripts system
Missing any feature? Create it by yourself with our new user-friendly Lua API or download a ready-to-use script in a few clicks. In case you have any questions regarding making your own script, you can request for help in our forum.
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