Positive Review Legendware for 2 year experience (review all version 1-4)


I'm Rarely play hvh from now
Hello I am Bom I will review all the past version including v4 (All review here it was only my experience for this but you can give a look in here and talk only for lasted build in that version)

Menu: well menu i was really like
Legit: function:didn't use it (they change it to v2 in that time so i didn't even try to cfg legit)
Ragebot: well it doesn't shoot sometime in that time if set hitchance was too high or enemies is too far
Anti-Aim: opposite is the best, and autodirection is great for me and it's very customable (slow walk for jitler jump for static etc)
Visual: well it's very customable for chams (it's very cool )
Misc: Function it's very simple they all have it in that time
Lua: not exist
Menu: it's skeet menu? and they animation when change tabs setting it's very cool
Legit: working as usual nothing broke still good
Ragebot: Same as V1 but they working exploit like DT or Hideshot
Anti-Aim: same as v1 didn't change that much
Visual: same as v1
Misc: same as v1
Lua: not exist
Menu: well I don't menu at all
Legit : it's broken some of them It didn't lock some how
Ragebot: Same as v1 and they did big improve about DT and Hideshot
Anti-Aim: still same as v1 and they add freeze exploit thing and fake duck work in mm
Visual: same as v1
Misc: same
Lua: they did added but didn't do much only Indicator
Menu: I like they rework menu add change theme and look modern
Legit :working fine
Ragebot: they rework most of them dt and hideshot and cfg is very understandable
Anti-Aim: they remove auto direction and replace edge yaw but fake duck has been rework in mm
Visual: less customable v3 have more custom
Misc: still same as usual nothing special
Lua: they did add massive API here it is very cool

This cheat Overall
V1 is great menu
V2 is good optimize
V3 good exploit
V4 greatest theme menu and easy to cfg and anti-aim lua stuff

That all for now for review this cheat Thank you for take your time to read this review see you!