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Hello everyone, this is my opinion on the new update. Before starting, I would like to mention again that this is my opinion and that everything I say shall be taken with a grain of salt.
So, the cheat got a pretty big update in my opinion, in the sense that you don't see "improved animation system" and "improved desync correction" every day. Something that does not tickle my fancy is the "Menu slightly changed and improved". I don't see a difference at all, they maybe changed the readability of the fonts when changing the DPI scale in the menu, but that's about it. Please let me know if you do see another difference.
However, I wanna see the difference in the gameplay, when using the cheat. And for the most part, the majority of issues I had before in my "It needs an urgent update" thread have been fixed.
Here are the positives of the new update:
+ chams sometimes work, sometimes don't, but atleast now I can tell where the enemy is
+ the problems with the doubletap and with the resolver seem to have been fixed for the most part, hitting more consistently now
+ the fonts seem to be more readable in the new update (talking about the ESP font and the other fonts as well)
+ autostrafer seems to behave more normally now
+ the spectator tab and the keybinds tab seem to not change their position anymore if you change windows or ALT TAB
+ antiaim is more decent now, having tested the cheat against other people and them missing me
However, nothing is too good to be true, and in this case there are also some negatives:
- cheat crashing more often
- the bad fps when more enemies are rendered (probably something to do with ragebot)
- sound of weapon shooting is missing sometimes
- skybox modulation sometimes not working
- legit triggerbot is inconsistent, missing with highest hitchance, and autostop makes it shoot less
These are the things that I have noticed. My opinion is that the future of this cheat is gonna become brighter if the devs push out more fixes for the cheat. And now, there may be some people that are gonna say "it's a 5$ cheat, what do you expect? to be at a level of other cheats?" and my answer is yes. No matter the price, a cheat should be as good as it can. So as in life, it does not matter if you are a skinny criminal 50kg person fighting against a 110kg Vasiliy from Russia, it all comes down to who's better at fighting.
I encourage the devs and I appreciate them for pushing out new updates. And for you devs, I don't know if you read or saw my negative thread about the cheat, but thank you for trying to fix the errors that I have previously specified.
As always, this is my opinion and only my opinion, not somebody else's. It is not made to make the cheat look bad, or to talk crap about it, it is just my completely fair and honest opinion about it. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect, but it is from our mistakes that we make the most progress in life and we learn.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read or see this, and have a great day/evening/night..


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In regards to my newest post, I have found yet another bug. It can be seen replicated here:
Can be replicated if using hide shots without anti-aim. Sometimes can happen with anti-aim as well.


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Is this observed on all maps?
I tested it on Dust2 as well and it seems to be almost the same, except for the fact that it corrects itself eventually.