Positive my opinion of Legendware v4


SunRise.lua Developer
After months of using this cheat, I can give my well-formed and structured opinion about it.

Let's start with the menu because it is with this that you have access to all the cheat functions.

The menu is quite simple, intuitive, and well structured and its organization by subdivisions ends up facilitating access to all the functions that the cheat has.

The menu is very good considering the price of the cheat, as there are several more expensive cheats in which the menu is quite confusing and makes us look for a certain function too much, which in the Legendware menu doesn't happen, because it has a subdivision system.
And speaking of subdivision, the way in which the cheat functions are subdivided in the menu is quite interesting since the "top" of the menu (from top to bottom) has the main and most important functions of the cheat such as ragebot, followed by antiaim and there you go.

A function that I liked in the menu and that I didn't see in any other menu was the theme option, changing from light theme to dark theme.

Overall score 10/10.


The ragebot is one of the most negative things that this cheat has because it gives a lot of unresolved miss, (although it can be "relieved" by moons) the doubletap doesn't work very well and the animation system is just horrible.
However as I said the resolver can be improved through moons as well as the doubletap can be slightly corrected but it will continue to give random misses, and sometimes force head when the guy is already low.

In general, I give this a 5/10, because the resolver needs a big and significant update.


One more very negative thing that this cheat has is its anti-aim system, which compared to the rest of the market, falls far short of what is expected in a paid cheat.

Antiaim is basic and not very configurable.
Desync works fine but could be improved.
The flick he gives is quite interesting on the other hand, but only if he has a moon for it.
Fakelag is more of the same, could have an update on this issue since I saw people saying that it is not even fakelag, which I disagree.
But beyond that, what is unacceptable is that a paid cheat does not have roll angles when there are already free cheats with this function.

It would be a welcome update as it is an interesting exploit and it would make Legendware not so easy to hit, and with luas this roll aa could get even better.
Would like to see

In general in this category I give a 4/10 because it is not very elaborate and lacks many functions like the roll aa.


The visuals on the other hand are very interesting and very customizable, for a low price cheat.
I like the option of having a preview of how the customization is going, and if that wasn't enough to see it in 360° which is very interesting.
In addition to being able to see the player, you can also see the weapons and grenades in the menu, both with this 360° option, which makes it a lot easier.

Regarding the viewmodel, I think the view model goes up to 100 because the weapon is very small on the screen, which I personally love.

I can't say much more about this category as it's really one of the cheat's strengths.
Very customizable, and intuitive.

Overall score a 10/10


Misc is more of the same doesn't have much to say.
It has the essential options like any other cheat.

Score: 9/10.


The skinchager is very intuitive and I like the fact that it is an inventory changer.
however I don't really like the way the stickers are placed since we don't know where the sticker will go. I would like to have a preview as well as a preview of the weapon with the skin.

Another thing I don't like is that when you save and load the config, it's either the entire inventory bugs in cs and for example a butterfly doppler becomes an ak47 - case hardner, (this is when you save a lot of skin)
or else the skin is saved for Tr, for example a deagle code red, and when you enter a match it is simply the default weapon of the game.
I would like these errors to be corrected.

Score: 8/10

moon system

the moon system is simply complete crap because in addition to the api being quite limited, it still has the problem of giving a lot of errors when unloading a moon, errors that are quite for nothing.

As a developer of luas (SunRise developer) I feel that the api should be completely overhauled because it is quite limited and gives errors for basic things.
Anyway, I'll just give it a 4/10.

config system

At first I found the config system quite confusing because it is not a normal config system, but through a code.
And the options for importing and exporting the config are very close together, which means that you often end up making a mistake and clicking the wrong button.
The settings when they are saved with luas end up causing errors.

With that in mind, I end up rating it 8/10.

General review

The cheat is quite complete and with several functions despite having some obsolete functions.
I think for those looking for a cheap cheat for hvh, here is a good cheat despite not having many functions and being a little outdated.
problems that can be solved through moons, even if api is limited, have very good moons that increase the cheat potential, as is the case with SunRise.lua, Seaside and iugenScript.

Overall rating of the cheat is a solid 7/10 because despite the problems of solving it is an antiaim not very customizable, and not even roll aa the cheat still manages to solve other strong cheats that are on the market like neverlose or onetap.

Overall score: 7/10