Neutral My honest LW review


Overall the cheat worth its price, but it needs more attention from the owners. The cheat is really unstable but have good potential to be really really good, it def needs upd in resolver, Lua api, anim fix, maybe some aa features, optimizations and stability
Resolver: 5/10 (needs an update / animfix)
Ragebot: 7.5/10 (sometimes it just wont shoot)
Misc: 8/10 (autostrafe needs improvements and I would like an animation for the autopeek when the circle closes)
AA: 8.5/10 (if used correctly with luas and flick you can dump a bunch of resolvers: flick aa dumping (clickable) )
Visuals 8.5/10 (pretty and neat, but it needs more customizations, maybe changing the positions of elements (name, health etc..) and more chams materials)
Lua Api 7/10 (complete, but can cause a bunch of crashes and log spams)