Neutral My Honest Legendware Review.

Josh Hill

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I'm going to be completely honest in this review so don't reply saying "config issue" or "skill issue".

Ragebot: 3.5/10. The ragebot hasn't been updated for months meaning you have to get scripts to even get the resolver to hit someone's head.

Anti-Aim: 8.5/10. The anti-aim on this cheat is so good to the point of getting 5 diff people dumping you, this might be the best aa on any cheat i have seen without scripts.

Visuals: 7/10.
The visuals are clean, basic and only have the things u would really need for a good config, i think they look like my neverlose visuals nearly to be completely honest.

Misc: 5/10. Don't really have a comment about this because its just misc.

Lua api: 5/10. Never used it so i can't comment on it.

Thanks for reading my review and devs please update this cheat. I am begging...


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