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nah, iqless
Since when did miss due to rezolver become miss due to config? Config has to do with spread and some others not the rezolver =)))))
Kid, you probably didn’t play with expensive cheats like a skeet or a neverlose.
In any cheat, if you put the hitboxes so that it headshot - of course it will miss, even a neverlose with a skeet.
Set up the config is normal and not noah that the resolvers are flying.
Closed, dolbaebizm.


when are you updating the rezolver???
Miss due to rezolver bruh can't even get 3k
Legendware's multipoint system is kinda fucked up since it cant do proper safepoint due to the static multipoint being literally static. Unlike neverlose or onetap, which accepts your multipoint as a maximum amount, but it will lower it if its gonna hit better. The only solution is to make a dynamic multipoint lua (like me) or lower ur multipoint to like 45-50. I know you wont hit standing players in the head, but it will work better when your enemies are running. Body aiming is also an option, since the cheat has a pretty good ideal tick system by default. So baiming twice is safe, easy, and 200% will hit.

Edit: you dont need to call others iqless when you yourself dont know the issue


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It is a config issue. You can't just put random point scales and hit boxes and miss to resolver. Ofcourse you are gonna miss. Maybe learn
to config a cheat?


I m playing since 2017 and i can this cheat almost godmode so yes you don t know to do a config
In case you didnt notice this cheat is very different from other cheats so until you understand lw resolver -3 iq you are shit at making a cfg on it
who asked since when you are playing hvh?