Neutral Legendware V4 Review


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ok so I started using legendware V4 about a few months ago and I had a somewhat good time with it. between Visual customization, Menu design,
and Ragebot this cheat somewhat good. The Luas you can get really expand and enhance the cheats with better AA options and better resolver.
Now I got a new sub a few days ago and ever since it has been seriously lacking. I've used dozens of cfgs from the forums paid and free and now they really
get out preformed by almost anything and I'm not to sure what it is i've updated basically all of them. I would 100% recommend legendware to someone
starting out but I wouldn't to someone who is experienced.
Total Rating
Anti Aim with luas-8/10
Anti Aim without luas-3/10
Legit bot-8/10
Menu Design-9/10
It's an ok cheat and I would only recommend to people who are learning HVH
Adding on: The Flick is actually nice and works pretty well so without using luas the anti aim i'd give a 5/10 it makes it slightly above average and can actually have people dump
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