Negative Legendware v4 experience


i've used this cheat since 2020 both v2 and v3 and now v4
its such a shame that atm even autowall and bone setup isnt updated

Rage: 5/10
DT fails alot same as hideshots. Fakelag isnt fakelag its real lag
autowall is old and broken
and ragebot it self isnt any better
resolver??? i swear to god that masterloosers math.random resolver hitts better, cheat misses baim alot even with force safepoints
v2 and v3 had better animation fix than this build
this cheat goes only downhill with every build that they push

legitbot: haven't played with it at all

visuals: they are pretty good just like other builds

misc: nothing special

lua: v2 and v3 were better but this build nope
even a osiris paste would have a better exception handling than this cheat
overall: 4/10 wouldn't recommend

and most importantly the community is toxic AF and not helpful at all
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