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Hello dear LW users and people who would like to know something about this cheat!

I have been with LW since the early days, and I even was on the landing page for a bit, because of my small review I was asked to write, back in mid 2020+-
I remember the old days in 2019, HvH was pretty basic, not so many tryhards and only few amazing exploits, that we are used to hate now.

So lets start this megathread and let me tell you how amazing it was since the old good times:

2019 (v1):
Ah yes, I was casually browsing some cheater.fun and I seen some kind of crack, or whatever.. It was LW v1, I fallen in love with the software (dont tell my bf, i love lw for longer than him).
I remember LW being just so OP, I mainly played MM, since 2018, because CS = free, and I was just destroying all of the competition, honestly, what a lovely times.
Then the crack stopped working, I thought to myself: Why not google the cheat and see if it has forums or anything like that - It had!
I registered and had around 100UID "Wow," I said, "This cheat is nice and costs small amount of money" - I immediately bought first month of lw!
It was the best purchase of 2019, after my month has expired, I chatted from one friend to another to resell a lifetime sub, since then I have been a LT user of LW.
Later I think it was early 2020, I msgd one of the Admins, that only few of you might remember, but will prolly know him and I got myself Beta!

2019 review (v1):
- Ragebot was outstanding: 10/10
- Legit I remember was pretty decent, nothing special: 7/10
- Visuals were very, VERY customizable: 10/10
- Misc was full of enough features I needed: 8/10
Did we downgrade since v1? - Kinda yes

2020 (v2):
Quite a few of you might remember this, good times, new menu, new loader and alot of fun..
How about LW? How I said, at that time, I was mainly MM player..
I loved LW v2 as much as I loved v1, when It was back in beta, it was alot of fun!
Tap after tap, death only after getting 3 peaked..

2020 review (v2):
- Ragebot was outdated since v1 in my opinion, however, it did stuff that it couldn't do before, resolving basically every cheat user without baim: 9/10
- Legit wasn't changed at all imo: 7/10
- Visuals were even more customizable: 10/10
- Misc has few more options added: 9/10
Did we downgrade since v2? - I wouldn't say that at all, the cheat just needs more updates
Did we downgrade by going from v1 to v2? - Ragebot wise, yes in my opinion

Late 2020 (v3):
Same year, another version - why did we update so fast? IDK, if only v2 had more updates It would prolly feel much much more comfier.
Anyways, v3 wasn't much for me, didn't enjoy it as much, It was pain to configure, it was pain to play with it after the release, honestly, im quiet happy that the source got leaked and we could move on to v4.
People say it was scout cheat, yes yes I guess it was, but it wasn't like you could ideal peak by using DT with scout..

Late 2020 review (v3):
- Ragebot good scout, pain to cfg: 7/10
- Legit... no comment: 5/10
- Visuals were amazing though, more customizable then ever: 10/10
- Misc was full!!: 10/10
Did we downgrade since v3? - Not at all, v4 is so much more capable of being amazing, then v3
Did we downgrade by going from v1 or v2 to v3? - Yes, definitely..

2021 (v4):
Welcome to 2021, covid hit the whole world and made everyone stay home, fucking up the WHOLE cs scene, or even HvH really..
Times were hard and the release of v4 was delayed for 3months.. Sad times indeed.. But then One year ago exactly, was the v4 released!
Back before the release, around a 3weeks before it, I was just Premium user, no beta.. I met @KlickS randomly on the Discord, we chatted and we streamed v3 vs v4 beta (me being the v3 user), from nowhere, we had around 40people in VC.. @MininDm was there, @Immortale was there too..
*discord msg sound* "Oh shit!!!! Immortale asked me if I want my beta back!!" - yes I said

2021 review (v4):
- Ragebot back at the release was unbeatable!: 10/10
- Legit didnt exist back at the release: 0/10
- Visuals were as customizable as they ever were: 10/10
- Misc was fine, however.. AutoAccept didnt work: 8/10

And to close out this thread:
2022 (current v4):
Its been a year since v4 release, we have gotten 9 updates in total, some of them ofc "downgrades".
We have gotten our Legitbot and even Playerlist done! (did you know the cripple on the playerlist is missing a head?)
So, lets do the amazing review of the current build.

Well, FINEE I guess, not as good as you would expect it to be, but its just fine.. I like to play with LW to chill in these days when everyone tryhards harder then they ever did, its hard ofcourse, but I like it anyways.

I didnt rate the AA until now, because I dont really remember how it was back then..
In my opinion, the AA needs more work then you think, it isnt as customizable as it used to be - LUA exists doe

Legit like it is, is just fine, RCS is much much better than for example a NL's one, that shit is baaaaaaaad..
HOWEVER, people keep complaining on getting VAC'd - I got only vac'd after using NL on the account, which is funny..
So in my opinion, the cheat is fine to use on prime.

VISUALS: 10/10
Do you love cheating with Visuals only, or just closet cheating on throw away accounts? LW is the way to go without paying huge amounts of money for private legit cheats.
Visuals are just amazing, you can make it look however you wish.

MISC: 10/10
I guess 10 points, cuz Im not missing anything, nor should you IG..

LUA: 4/10
Weakest, yet most used part of the cheat prolly.. If you want to fix smthn, add a feature or just improve the looks of your game, LUA should do it..
SADLY, I as a LUA dev find it hard doing something, because of me getting errors by just unloading the lua..

You are getting an amazing cheat for the smallest price possible.. I really recommend giving it a spin for at least one month!!!

That is prolly it..
If you have read the whole thing: Congrats!! This took me around 1hr to write..
If you have any questions about the software, please ask either here or ask in the "Questions" Forum with pre-sale tag!!
Have a great day!


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I somewhat agree, however, Cheat right now is outdated as the animations were changed up by valve. legendware tries to resolve but it most of the time it dosent shoot or cant resolve properly because of the changed animations. if legendware coders sat down for a few hours and fixed up the resolver a tiny bit so it actually shoots instead of missing/not shooting (even body aim) that would be cool. Also the shadow daggers with legendware are broken in third person(Not that big of an issue tbh. id rather get the ragebot fix first lmao). so if legendware coders sat down for a day and fix stuff a bit, it will be an amazing cheat.