Positive Legendware impression


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The following comments are only personal comments
LegitBOT - no GS or AIMWARE good
Ragebot - excellent, although not comparable to GS or NL
Misc - I think it's possible to add bypassing VAC so that I won't be VACed using legitbot (I've already received two LEGIT accounts banned for this) I later found out it was a LEGENDWARE problem
SKIN - very good SKIN system, but I like the custom skin option that can imitate GS and NL, it will greatly improve the viewing experience.
LUA API - I personally feel that there are too few and more APIs are needed. Although it can't be compared with the open API of GS, it is too little at present.

I think freestand can be added

I bought this cheat in 2021 Dec and the overall feel is very good.

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