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Here we have introduced our new config system, it has undergone many changes, both external and internal. Now you can choose exactly how you want to share your configs with other users and not worry about their safety. This tutorial has all the features and tricks of the new system, we hope many will find it helpful. This manual will be written in Question/Answer format.

Note: the old system is no longer supported and the format of configs as codes will not work in the new system.

Now let's start describing how all the features work:

You: How can I share my config now?
We: There are now 2 ways you can share config:
  • Invitation by username;
  • Invite link. Each link you can set the maximum number of uses and expiring time.
For each method, features are available that allow you to:
  • Limit the transmission of the config after the user accepts it;
  • Update the config for other users after transferring it (config updates are only available after changing it in the menu of our software).
Choose the most convenient way for you.

You: How can I now accept or add a config from any user?
We: Adding other users' configs is now only possible through the website (the old system by code through the menu of the software no longer works).

To accept a config from another user you need:
  • Receive an invitation on the forum;
  • Accept this invitation through the alert on the forum or through the My Items menu;
  • Make sure the config is in your list of configs and happy to go play ;).
To accept this link you just have to click on it and Accept.

You: Where can I see all invitations and accepted configs?
We: All of your accepted configs, as well as invitations (the ones you haven't accepted yet) are in the My Items menu.

There you can:
  • Manage your invitations (accept, reject, and delete);
  • Add a config to your list of configs if you've deleted or modified it and would like the original version back;
  • Receive updates to your configs.
We advise you to visit it more often, so as not to miss invitations from other users.

You: What if I accidentally deleted my config?
We: We have made a Recycle Bin for this. You can always go into it and restore or permanently delete your configs.

Note: if you do not restore your config after 30 days, it will be automatically deleted.

We have also thought of some conveniences for you that will make managing your configs even easier.

For example:
  • When creating a config, you can leave the name field blank and it will be assigned automatically, taking into account the numbering of previous similar configs. This also works when you change the name of a config after it has been created;
  • You can filter the list of your configs to find the one you want faster.
  • You can set up alerts about all actions with your configs and invitations.
  • And you can also set up who can share configs with you.
We tried to describe everything in as much detail as possible. In case you still have questions - contact support.
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