[CS:GO] Legendware


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  • Improved structuring.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Improved aimbot stability.
  • Improved backtrack logic.
  • Added double tap instant.​
  • Added automatic stop modifiers.​
  • Added skip hitchance if low inaccuracy setting.​
  • Reworked multi-points.​
  • Reworked local animation fix.​
  • Fixed fps drops.​
  • Fixed various bugs.​
  • Improved anti-aim logic.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Added desync chams.
  • Added hold firing animation setting.
  • Added defuse kit esp flag.
  • Added dormant esp.
  • Added footsteps esp.
  • Added player list.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Reworked show spread.
  • Reworked hitmarker.
  • Added landing bob removal.
  • Added rare animations.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Added radar.
  • Added teleport exploit (while entering the server, we wait until there is a "retrieving game info" stage, as soon as this text appears we press the teleport button. If you entered, and the round has already begun a long time ago, we go to the spectators (pressing the button all the time), select the place where we will be by flying on the map for the spectator, you will be reborn where you last flew for the spectator. When the round has begun, select the side and press the button after the teleport to this place. If the round has just begun or the free time stage, we go beyond either side and press the teleport button to place it after the teleport. If you want to do it again, then reconnect and do it all over again ("retry" in console). Only works on some community servers).
  • Reworked fake lag system.
  • Fixed various bugs.


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