[CS:GO] Legendware


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● New user interface.
● Added ability to copy, paste and drag colors in color pickers.
● Added scripts editor.
● Note: you will need to create new configs, as the old ones will not work.

● Reworked resolver.
● Reworked aimbot with zeus.
● Reworked aimbot with knife.
● Reworked automatic scope, now it is adaptive.
● Reworked damage calculation system.
● Reworked wall penetration system.
● Reworked hitchance system.
● Reworked backtrack system.
● Reworked safe points system.
● Reworked automatic stop.
● Fixes and improvements to exploits.

● Reworked RCS.
● Reworked automatic fire system.
● Added automatic stop.
● Added automatic wall option.
● Added target switch delay.
● Added draw FOV option.
● Fixes and improvements to accuracy.

● Added desync range for both sides.
● Fixes and improvements to LBY breaker.
● Now hide shots option available on Valve servers.

● Reworked skin changer.
● Reworked damage marker.
● Reworked hit marker.
● Reworked automatic peek.
● Added smoke timer.
● Fixes and improvements to third person.
● Added rain.

● Reworked gravity ragdolls.
● Fixes and improvements to fake lags.
● Fixes and improvements to fake duck and accuracy.

● Added HTTP requests.
● Added ability to read and write to files.
● Added indicators.add function function.
● Added indicators.add_position function.
● Added utils.find_signature function.
● Added weapon.get_inaccuracy function.
● Added weapon.get_spread function.
● Added entity class.
● Added entity.get_prop_int.
● Added entity.get_prop_float.
● Added entity.get_prop_bool.
● Added entity.get_prop_string.
● Added entity.set_prop_int.
● Added entity.set_prop_float.
● Added entity.set_prop_bool.
● Player and weapon classes are inherited from the entity class.

Now, if your HWID changes, you will see a message, while logging into the loader, that all the information has been passed to us, and You will only need to wait a little. If your reset request will be approved or denied, You will receive a notification on the forum!


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