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Brazilian Boss
Official reseller


I’m doing resells ONLY through my Discord server, create a ticket in order to be answered quickly.

Apenas faço resells pelo meu servidor de Discord, crie um ticket no servidor linkado acima para ser atendido, não me chame no privado.

🪙 Crypto (LTC, XMR, BCH, BTC, BUSD BEP20, BNB BEP20, pretty much everything that's widely used and isn't ERC20...)

1 month - ₽ 450
3 months - ₽ 1100
12 months - ₽ 2900

Legend role - ₽ 210
Sponsor role - ₽ 10200

💳 (requires KYC)

1 month, Legend role - Flat rate of €3.5 on top of the sub value.
3, 12 months and Sponsor role - Flat rate of €6 on top of the sub value.

🇧🇷 Pix, Boleto, TED, DOC

1 mês - R$ 38
3 meses - R$ 87
12 meses - R$ 220

Cargo Legend - R$ 20
Cargo de patrocinador - R$ 750

Useful information:

- Prices may change as the currencies float in value.
- Pagamentos feitos por Boleto, TED e DOC podem levar até 3 dias úteis para serem confirmados. As subscrições só são entregues após a confirmação do pagamento. Usando Pix o pagamento é confirmado instantaneamente!
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Very good to have a Brazilian seller so it is easier to negotiate, i have lifetime sub but have a lot of friends who buy monthly sub, and Zurmely is a known and respected professional.

Thank you staff LegendWare and success Zurmely (y)(y)(y)