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As you know, and maybe some people don't, but someone shared the source code.
You are also probably interested in what will happen next with the project. We plan to make a major update, but we will not update the version that is currently in the loader.
You, as users, will lose almost nothing, all subscriptions will remain and then switch to a new update, as was the case with our last update.
As for updates to the current version, it will be carried out in passive mode, such as updates for the game version and no more, all bugs and crashes will be fixed only in the next update. And since there is no sense in answering the same questions, the tickets will be temporarily closed. But requests to change HWID will be treated normally.

Here is a list of all problems with their solutions:

List of current loader bugs that lead to crash:
- Output of the "Cant connect to server" error when starting the loader
Solution: download the loader from the forum.

- Crash with txt log when starting the loader
Solution: check if your windows username is in English.
If not, then here is a guide on how to set it to the desired one - click Win+R, enter "netplwiz" in the window that appears and click Enter. In the new window, click on the account and then on the "Properties" button. We see a window with three fields: the first is the name of the local profile, the second is the user name, and the third is the description. Enter the necessary data and select "OK".

- Crash the game when injecting
Solution: try injecting (open the loader) already running the game.

List of current cheat bugs that lead to crash or breakage of something
- Crash when configuring skin changer
Solution: configure it in the game menu.

- The inability to move in the game if you have a weapon in your hands
Solution: check whether you have an old version of the game (depot), in case of this - just check the integrity of the files via steam.
Not open for further replies.