Official Craxto's Reselling Service. (Stripe, Revolut, Crypto, Bank transfer, TF2 Keys & more)


Official reseller
My Name is Craxto and I got accepted as an official Reseller. :)

I'm from Germany (GMT+2) and I'm mostly online from 11am - 12pm.
I WILL NOT resell in DM’s, you will have to join my Discord server and open a ticket for a resell.

Prices may vary due to changing rubel value.

Bank transfer / Revolut:
1 Month - 6€
3 Months - 13€
1 Year - 35€
Legend role:
Lifetime - 3€
Sponsor role:
Lifetime - 115€

Crypto (BTC / ETH / LTC):
1 Month - 5.50€
3 Months - 12€
1 Year - 33€
Legend role:
Lifetime - 2.50€
Sponsor role:
Lifetime - 110€

(- Credit- / Debitcard / (Prepaid ?)
- Giropay
- iDeal
- Przelewy24
- Bancontact)

1 Month - 6.50€
3 Months - 14€
1 Year - 36€
Legend role:
Lifetime - 3.50€
Sponsor role:
Lifetime - 117€

Tf2 Keys:
1 Month - 4 keys
3 Months - 8 keys
1 Year - 22 keys
Legend role:
Lifetime - 2 keys
Sponsor role:
Lifetime - 70 keys

CSGO / RUST / TF2 Items:
~1-3€ more than other options, depending on the skins ( as reference, NOT STEAM MARKET)


[Discord Server] open a ticket there :)

Please dont spam me with PM's as I only resell over my server. :)

Discord : Craxto#3255 (599607769267699722)

I would love if you leave feedback in this thread or on my server. <3
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+rep He is an very fast, friendly and helpful reseller. I look forward in buying more stuff from him in the future.

Usually when i use services like that, i have some small thoughts that the person that i'm dealing with might scam me or something in that kind of nature, but i did not have it a single second with Craxto. He has that special personality, where you just trust the dude and feel safe.
And as it turned out, it was a good decision, i enjoyed the experience a lot.

Thank you once again for being legit my friend.


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+rep Very good service didn't take more than 15m from the ticket being made to the product ariving very fast and good service will come again.