LegendWare v2 - finally out ??? *NOCLICKBAIT* FREE BETA!!1!11 ????

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Mar 28, 2020 at 08:32
Posted by alb3rt0
This video doesn't tell u how to get Free BETA, just clickbait ;DD
And also with this video Im not saying that LW is bad or smthin, I found it funny a lil bit ;DD
xd Hopefully u enjoyed..
Basically the ppl did make LW go down and then it even got DDOS'd.
But It works now just fine - hopefully
+ I used outdated loader from BETA only access xdd

ft. LegendWare
website got susspended FFF
https://invite.gg/csgohax - our Discord ;DD
https://shoppy.gg/@xye1xyz - buy smthn
https://twitter.com/The32TB - gib follow man!! :(

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