The 5v2 Semi Rage vs Rage Experience ft Legendware


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they were so obvious from begin they won 6 rounds since i didnt loaded my cfg
my mate loaded semi rage but u know he was getting rekt so they got 1 more round

they had AA on And They were Indian Trash Talker Probably whole squad was Qued lol
so i loaded my hvh cfg , lower the fov to 10 and I enabled Legit AA with Jitter lel

They were so sure i couldnt HS them but meh i always 1 shot klled them xd

i didnt BAIMED them for once always HeadShot

They were trash Talking and saying me kids let alone they were getting rekt and they had full rage on

They were rage awping tho
but they missed on me with awps and cant even Headshot me They just baimed me every time with Awps and they miss xd

Im Smile with 35k since i loaded at End so meh xd

i might sell my cfg but i need to work on visual