How To Loss 5v1 | ft Legendware


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yeah so i lost this match xd
i won lots of 5v1 but when its 5 otc v3 users vs me only fucking 1 in my team
what can u expect
tho i HS them always ngl xd

REsolver is Pretty DOPE

i tried otc v3 but i like legendware more becz idk why not
here is the result of ME Loosing the MAtch ;-;

but Lemme know if i did good
i always killed 4 of them , but the NN's always tripple peeked me with auto or scout in my case i sused only scout ahh fuck

iS IT good xd?

tho i was only 1 in my team cheating ;-;


I am Akon with 30k lol

i dont get , why were they so afraid of peeking me single xd