How About 5v1 Otc v3 vs LW | MM | 66k


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so yeah how about 5v1
2 of them were rainbowhook users
3 were otc v3 users with FactorAA thingy running

btw they all were rage awping

my teamates started reporting me and we were lossing like 1-10
but when they leaved i loaded cfg and voila see results

tho i used Scout with slow walk the couldnt even hit me with awps
all rushed me but i killed them somehow
from 1 to 11 isnt that bad considering i was alone and they were 5 xd


i manage to hit 66k

The cfg i used is my own i will share if u want to ?‍♂️

keep in mind 3 were v3 users and 2 were rainbow hook and they still miss me with awps

and they rush me with awp so those kills are damn good ngl