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● Main
Improved optimization.
Changed weapon groups. You need to reconfigure all the settings for each weapon group.
Fixed various crashes.
Fixed various bugs.

● Legit
Added key bind for aim working.
Added hitbox selection.
Added weapon group selection.
Added field of view.
Added field of view indicator when the menu is open.
Added smooth.
Added recoil control system function. You can configure pitch and yaw separately.
Added flash check.
Added smoke check.
Added backtrack limit.
Added first shot delay.
Added target switch delay.
Added automatic attack. You can configure the delay between shots or enable the ability to shoot quickly from non-rapid-fire weapons.
Added automatic wall.
Added automatic fire.
Added automatic stop which only works with automatic fire.
Added hitchance which only works with automatic fire.
Added minimum damage which only works with automatic fire.
Added delay which only works with automatic fire.

● Rage
Improved aim stability.
Improved exploits stability.
Improved hitbox selection.
Improved automatic stop.
Added double tap hitchance option.
Fixed various bugs.

● Anti-aim
Added edge yaw.
Now anti-aim work when planting a bomb.
Fixed various bugs.

● Visuals
Added sounds.
Added hand chams.
Added weapon chams.
Added force crosshair.
Added hostage flag.
Added planting flag.
Added defusing flag.
Fixed various bugs.

● Misc
Added spectator list.
Added automatic buy.
Changed watermark design.
Changed key binds design.
Fixed various bugs.

● Lua
Right now we are busy with a complete reworking of our LUA system. Relatively soon you will be able to see it.
Improved optimization.
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